The Minuet is a short story that Salvatore Di Giacomo published in 1914.

Through his words we enter the house of an old musician who has become deaf. The man needs only the memory of an old love to make the spinet keyboard play again, a melody of the soul that the ears cannot hear.

This short story is the starting point for Alter Echo.
Hidden in a collection of novels by the author, this story digs a small space in the heart, leaving a bittersweet taste.
Precisely because of its shy but emotional nature, we believe it can give a lot through writing images.
We seek a voice that can resonate in its own, even that of Salvatore Di Giacomo, to give a new boost to this story.

With his Minuet, Di Giacomo offers us a stimulating audiovisual challenge and allows us to work on sound in a creative way.

We think it is an opportunity to re-evaluate the image of old age, and find in the nostalgia of a person full of life lived, something of us.


Salvatore Di Giacomo was an Italian poet and playwright at the turn of the 20th century. He was much appreciated for his poems in the Neapolitan language, which made a strong contribution to Neapolitan music and poetry.

Benedetto Croce, a very influential philosopher of the early twentieth century, attributed to him a great capacity as a poet, and the gift of transforming the story of the most everyday and banal facts into art.