Alter Echo
Short Script Contest

We are a script contest with a focus on forgotten literature, so we dedicate ourselves to adaptations (and not only) aiming to make old stories resonate with a new voice.


Sometimes you come across stories, tales, and words that resonate deeply within you.Those stories stay inside you, echoing in your mind over time. They come to you in the shower, while cooking, while walking down the street, or when you stare at the ceiling, unable to sleep.

Alter Echo is a screenwriting contest dedicated to the stories you can't let go of.
The ones you want to adapt, inspired by the words of authors that hold significance for you, and the ones you never expected to love. It's not just a space to make your voice heard; it's a place of exchange, growth, and engagement.

When we conceived this contest, one thing was clear to us: to create an environment where authors felt seen, welcomed, and above all, inspired.

How did we manage that?

We worked on two fundamental concepts:

1- Uncovering forgotten literary works with a powerful voice to provide new sources of inspiration.

2- Send analytical feedback to all received screenplays.

With our goal in mind, we organized the contest under the conviction that there is fluid and dynamic communication between cinema and literature. Two worlds that are constantly influencing each other.



Dedicated to adapting a public domain story chosen by us. One of those hidden tales tucked away in dusty collections, forgotten on some dark shelf, but in desperate need of rediscovery.


Dedicated to adapting a story of your choice, the story that resonates deeply with you.


Dedicated to original screenplays inspired by the stories that shaped you as a person and a writer.


The winning screenplays receive our production support worth €500.

Essentially, we help you cover a portion of your short film's production expenses. And, of course, there is our feedback, but that's not just for the winners, it’s for every screenwriter who submits to the contest.


Writing is rewriting. However, writing also means working in solitude most of the time.

Having someone capable of reading and analyzing your work is a precious resource that isn't always available.

And beyond any prize, the higher value for us lies in providing you with a critical and analytical evaluation of your work. Our aim is to concretely assist you on your journey.

Therefore, for each screenplay, we prepare a document organized into three points:

  • The strengths of the screenplay.

  • Its critical aspects.

  • Some practical advice on how to improve.

Our approach is analytical. We evaluate the structure, character development, thematic representation, rhythm, and the nature of conflict. We ask questions that help make the text less superficial and more focused on what you want to convey.

We are not infallible, and our words are not the law, but we are honest and impartial.


We've covered the essential points, but if you have any questions, you can reach us at our email

Oh! And if you need inspiration, you'll find a selection of stories in the Inspiring Literature section (top right corner).

Alright. Now, all that's left to do is wish you happy reading and, above all, happy writing!