2022 marked the year of our inaugural edition, an experience that enriched us and helped us grow.

We read and analyzed your screenplays and did what we love most: immersing ourselves in the stories and connecting with their authors.

The Echo of Salvatore Di Giacomo and his Il Menuetto

Salvatore Di Giacomo was a Neapolitan poet, playwright, and writer of the 20th century. His short story, Il menuetto, opened the Unexpected Affinity section.

In your adaptations, we found the sweetness of his tale. You were able to convey your unexpected bond with this unknown story.

The jury chose the screenplay I'm in Heaven by Daniele Baiardi as the category winner. An adaptation that took Di Giacomo's story and gave it a contemporary context, fully embodying the philosophy of our competition.

The Perfect Match with Raymond Carver

In thePerfect Match section, you demonstrated your connection with literature and presented the stories that deeply moved you.

Giacomo Leopardi, Murakami Haruki, and Guy De Maupassant were just a few of your choices, each with its own reason.

In A Small Good Thing, a match between American author Raymond Carver and the winner of the section Júlia Alcañiz, the jury found an adaptation full of sensitivity and harmony.

The Influences of Franz Kafka

Crucial Influence is the category dedicated to inspiration, to what shaped you as an author.

Not only literature and mythology but also art, music, and cinema were among your sources of inspiration.

Walter Piccolo, the winner of this category with his horror screenplay Il Vegetale, managed to draw inspiration from Franz Kafka's distinctive elements and make them his own, creating an evocative and mysterious story.

We were able to hear your voices through your stories, and we appreciate the faith you showed in our project as it began in this first edition.

Literature has been and will continue to be a source of growth and inspiration that can help us discover worlds we had never imagined.