We are a contest for screenplays adapted, inspired or influenced by literary texts.
We create a bridge between the voices of today and yesterday, the agreement of two notes that have never met before, but that together sound perfect.
Alter Echo is a sounding board for those who still have everything to prove and for those who deserve to be rediscovered.


We want to be a gravitational pole of ideas that arise from the fusion of different languages. A reference point, present and reliable, for authors looking for a space in which to resonate their own voice.


Antonio Petta

Head & Heart @ Sisyphus

Since 2013 I work with companies and brands as co-founder of Kalispéra, a video production company operating in the commercial sector. Driven by a cinematic vein that never leaves me, in 2020 I created Sisyphus, an independent film production.
My first short movie entitled Summer Nights was presented in November 2021 at the Chicago International Children’s Film Festival, an American Oscar Qualifying festival.

Arbelina Halili

Creative Mind @ Sisyphus

Sometime in my life I fell in love with storytelling and never got over it.
I have been studying screenwriting since 2018 and now I am a Screenwriter and Comms Specialist at the independent film production Sisyphus.